You’ll be happy… We Guarantee it!

“I was absolutely amazed when I received my wedding dress in Orlando from WeddingDress101.com! It looked so gorgeous in the storage chest, and when I opened it, I was suddenly overwhelmed with wonderful memories of our amazing day. I must admit that I was a bit embarrassed to send my gown to the professionals at WeddingDress101.com because it was filthy from our outdoor wedding. Before I dropped it off at one of my nearby UPS stations, my gown was covered with the handy “stain stickers” provided for me to place where stains appeared. My hemline was muddy, my train had a grass stain, and I even dropped food down the front of my gown, but WeddingDress101.com removed every single stain! It looks better than brand new, honestly! Also, I called WeddingDress101.com to check the status of my gown, and Jim Parham himself promptly returned my phone call to assure me that my gown was in great hands. Sure enough, I received my confirmation e-mail later that day with my UPS tacking number. Thank you so much!”


“My gown arrived today and I would like to thank you for doing such a great job. My husband and I have inspected it, and although there are still a few tough stains hanging on here and there, they are very minor. Compared to the lousy job my dry-cleaners did, it is a miracle! I would like to report my satisfaction with your cleaning efforts, your preservation packaging, and your smooth and attentive service. I will recommend your service to any bride I come in contact with.”

“I want to tell you how great your wedding dress preservation service was. While I was planning our wedding I came across your website and book marked it. When the time came, I checked several local cleaners. They all gave rough estimates greater than yours and said they would have to send it out. I choose your company because of the easy and clear instructions, your guarantee and the easy of your website. Your company did exactly as promised. You sent the box & instructions for me to complete and even listed server ups drop-off places; nice touch. I have to say the presentation of the gown, which came back quickly, was superb. It is certainly a keepsake treasure I will be able to pass along. I would highly recommend your company to every bride in the US.

Thank you again for such a pleasant experience”

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