Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions from our WeddingDress101 customers.

How does shipping work?

We send you a pre-addressed, postage-paid shipping container with easy instructions. You pack your dress, then drop the container off at any UPS. You will have your dress back in about two weeks, cleaned and preserved in our museum-quality storage chest.

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Why is using WeddingDress101 better than dropping it off at my drycleaners?

While your local drycleaner may dabble at cleaning five dresses per month, we handle 500 or more. It is safer to send it to us, the industry leaders, than to let someone who lacks our experience handle your gown.

Is it safe to ship my dress to WeddingDress101?

Yes. We’ve handled tens of thousands of dresses using UPS as our shipping partner. All orders are assigned a UPS Tracking code and can be tracked online.

Have you ever lost a dress?

Neither we nor UPS have lost a customer’s dress. We handle hundreds of dresses per month without a hiccup.

Can I track my dress’ shipping status?

Yes. All customers receive via email their UPS Tracking code. The status of your dress may then be checked on our Tracking page.

How long does the shipping / cleaning process take?

The whole process takes 2-3 weeks.

What is preservation?

A dress is “preserved” by virtue of being stored correctly. Our dresses are returned in an acid-free, museum-quality storage chest (view photos). The chest blocks out harmful light and other environmental factors, thus preserving it for a lifetime.

Can I take my dress out of the storage chest?

Yes. In fact, we encourage our customers to take it out every few years or so. Just refold and return to the preservation chest for a lifetime of safekeeping.

What does preservation cost?

Nothing extra. Our wedding dress cleaning and preservation service costs $249. There is no charge for our museum-quality storage chest.

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